A Monday Moment: A Few Complaints About Living Life Laid Off

by Mariam Williams

In honor of Monday, the day that most full-timers and nine-to-fivers loathe and mark as the end of their merriment in their blissful ignorance of their blessed situation, I briefly digress from my usual positive tone to create this list of things, people, events, organizations, etc. that have puzzled, dismayed, disheartened, or annoyed me, or otherwise pissed me off since I began living life laid off.

In no particular order, here they are:

  1. The question, “So what do you do all day?”
  2. The question from total strangers attempting to make small talk with the traditional line of questions, “So what do you do?”
  3. Reminders from those same people that it’s a terrible time to be looking for work.
  4. The question from total strangers attempting to make small talk with the traditional line of questions (and indirectly and unknowingly complimenting me on my skin care regimen and healthy diet), “Are you in school?”
  5. The question from people who have known me for several years now, “Are you still in school?”
  6. The payment to Sallie Mae automatically deducted from my checking account each month to pay for a 7-yr-old degree that a financial aid counselor once told me would ensure placement in a good job that would allow me to pay back my loans.
  7. The framed diploma on my mother’s wall telling the world I have an education level higher than about 66% of my state (at last official count).
  8. Solicitations from my alma mater begging me to donate to the annual fund, as the endowment depletes with the bear market.
  9. Bernie Madoff
  10. People at a party I went to several months ago comparing notes on how much bigger their third house is than their first two and how young they were when they bought each.
  11. People who said they would help me with references and referrals … but didn’t.
  12. Getting laid off on a Monday. I mean seriously, what was the reason for not doing this on Friday? I took work home with me that weekend! And I caught the bus on Monday morning! And everyone in the building knew I normally caught the bus to work! Could they not have considered that in deciding when to tell me?
  13. Getting laid off four days after the company hosted a big outdoor event to showcase how great we all were at our jobs and what a great time it would be to do business with us.
  14. Friends in the healthcare industry. Especially those who have recently been on several job interviews or who have been hired.
  15. All those job openings for nurses and counselors at various hospitals.
  16. Applying for individual health insurance.
  17. The comment from someone I know that seemed to imply that my blog is a glorified pity party. (Until this post, I don’t think that was justified.)
  18. The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training for:
    1. Deciding that everyone laid off with me and under the same terms as I was received severance and didn’t have to report that as income, but that I received wages in lieu of notice and did have to report it.
    2. Having an inefficient system, thereby leading hundreds of unemployed workers to wait in lines around the building, in the cold, for several days in January, just to file for their weekly benefit check. (I should note, this is a complaint on behalf of those hundreds; I happened to time my online filing right and never had to wait in the cold.)
    3. Being incredibly efficient on Friday, the day they close early, but not moving with the same haste any other day of the week.
    4. Telling me I needed to come in to the office due to an error when I didn’t need to do that at all. I was there for almost four hours.
  19. That generic response letter from Actors Theatre of Louisville telling me that they selected someone else for the position, and suggesting that I volunteer for the theatre in ways that I have been for the past three years and in ways that were clearly listed on my resume and highlighted in my cover letter.
  20. Generic rejection letters that appear months after I’ve applied for jobs.
  21. No response at all.
  22. Companies who don’t allow the security guard or other front desk area manager to tell the human resources office that an assertive and qualified candidate not only applied for the job online but also made a trip to the office just to show her sincere interest in the job and stand out among the other candidates.
  23. Job fairs advertised as being for everyone looking for a job right now, but that are really just recruiting for nurses, truck drivers, and adults thinking about going back to school online.
  24. Being busier now than when I was working yet having time for some things I can’t afford, like dance classes and frequent hair appointments.
  25. Not being able to afford tickets to Wicked while it was in town.
  26. My place now looking lived in.
  27. Those conspicuous little pieces of lint from the carpet that show up on the white tile when I walk around my apartment in socks.
  28. E.On and Louisville Gas & Electric’s rate hike.
  29. The bad weather that takes out electricity after I stock the refrigerator.
  30. Bank of America, for not lending money to small business owners who need to make payroll.
  31. Those children in the House and Senate.
  32. Optimistic people.

In the same boat and feel like complaining? Have a Monday moment and sound off in comments!

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4 responses to “A Monday Moment: A Few Complaints About Living Life Laid Off

  1. The Pink-Slipped Girl

    just realized i had the comments off on this one. sorry! if you visit again, please feel free to leave a comment.

  2. loladmin

    Yeah, in same boat here in Seattle and trying to keep myself positive, have a laugh now and again (hence the name of my blog

    It’s hard though and with everyone asking or rather offering you advice (without you asking) it can be rather frustrating at times. Like they need to remind me how many people I am competing with for jobs in Seattle – really? Makes you want to poke your eyes out!

  3. Concerned Mother

    Sometimes the new person hired for a position ends up writing the rejection letters to the other applicants. That’s why it takes so long for some employers to send the rejection letters. For some Louisville employers, however, I think it is just poor customer service and insensitivity. It amazes me how people with less education and experience than I have are in upper management positions, yet they do not know how to do my job.
    Young people are encouraged to get a college education, but most jobs in Louisville do not require a college degree. If you do not find employment by June you should seriously consider relocating. When you become famous somewhere else, then Louisville will want to claim you and take some of the credit for your success. You do not owe Louisville anything.

  4. thullyjuitect

    Great site this livinglifelaidoff.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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