Unemployment 1 America 0

My story, and the stories of others affected by the dismal labor numbers, are featured in the latest issue of FLYP Magazine (www.flypmedia.com).  Click here to check me out on video in “Unemployment 1 America 0.”



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4 responses to “Unemployment 1 America 0

  1. Hey, Mariam,
    I’m Karen, one of the audios in that FLYP article. Nice to “meet” you. 🙂 Hope you’re hanging in there.
    Take care,

    • The Pink-Slipped Girl

      Nice to “meet” you too, Karen. I see you were laid off last month. The concerns in your audio interview sound very familiar. Waiting on responses is probably the worst part, outside of the “what if” speculation. I feel more encouraged this week, and I hope some of my posts can give you some encouragement also. BTW – For health insurance, I’m currently on a high-deductible, individual insurance plan with an HSA (health savings account) attached. I’m also just hoping I don’t become seriously ill.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video with us. You’re such a great storyteller. Keep your head up.

  3. Mr. West

    Listened to your vid on FLYP. Pretty courageous stuff I saw. Keep fighting that Apathy and lethargy. They sneak up on you like pirahnas to raw tenderloin.

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