Go Michigan State! (That hurt a little bit)

by Mariam Williams

As I turned off my TV yesterday to end the assault on my eyes before the Louisville-Michigan game in the NCAA Tournament actually ended, I thought, “I was really hoping Louisville would win.  This city could use a lift.”  But then I remembered that we were losing to Michigan State, and I suddenly didn’t feel as disappointed.

When I read this morning that GM Chairman and CEO Rick Waggoner had resigned at the request of the Obama Administration, I felt like rearranging my bracket again, with Michigan State taking the Tar Heels down.

Sorry North Carolina, but I remember how the Rams winning Super Bowl XXXIV brightened the city.  I was a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis at the time, and although the university is a bubble somewhat set apart from the city, residents of the city worked on our campus, and many students interacted with the city through their own jobs or volunteer work.  I honestly don’t remember a difference in attitude among my professors, but the blue-collar workers among us–those to whom I usually spoke in passing while hurriedly paying for the lunch they had just fixed for me–were happier in the days leading up to the Super Bowl than I could ever remember seeing them before, and they remained in their lifted state for several days thereafter.  They sported caps and jerseys over or under their uniforms, created Super Bowl Soup and Sandwich Specials out of the usual menu, served with increased pep, and got smiles and laughter out of the snobbiest of students in the longest of lines.  The children in the kindergarten class I tutored were (more) well-behaved, probably because every teacher in the school was more relaxed.  And the night of the big game, we the dorm residents, enclosed in our little bubble, stepped away from our books, gathered around big-screen TVs in lounges on the dorms’ main floors, and cheered with our city.

MSU is a college basketball team from the same state as the city where the Final Four and national championship will be played and not a pro team directly representing the city, but so what?  In these times, I say you should take whatever good, legal, healthy “stimulus package” you can get.  And with an unemployment rate of 13% (higher than the state unemployment rate of 12%), I hope Detroit residents can cheer their state’s university and gain a win for their city.

And while a double win would’ve been better, I think the Louisville Women can still do it for my city.


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