The end of consumerism? Part I – Living Life Laid Off Produces Tightwads

by Mariam Williams

The last full week of March, after waiting for it for three months, the library alerted me that the copy I had requested of The Tightwad Gazette was finally available.  A friend on Facebook hipped me to it after my first post.  I can’t use every money-saving tidbit in the book; it was published in the nineties and has some dated information, like how to save on ink for dot matrix printers.  Some of the other tips-like figuring out just how much prepackaged cereal costs verses muffins, pancakes, and other carbs made from scratch-requires too many meticulous calculations, even for someone with plenty of time on her hands.  But I’ve learned how to turn the last little stub of lipstick in a tube into lip gloss and how to make yard sale clothes look like new, so the book isn’t half bad.  (There’s even an article addressing whether or not frugality is bad for the economy, the same debate going through my head so forcefully it requires several posts in parts.)

Author Amy Dacyczyn admits in her introduction that her ideas take “discipline and a willingness to do things that mainstream thinkers deem too extreme.”  Living like a tightwad may have been too extreme for the nineties, but now that living life laid off or on the brink of it is closer to mainstream than the good life is, the book’s subtitle – Promoting Thrift as a Viable Alternative Lifestyle-looks a little more reasonable.  And the fact that I had to wait so long to get the book tells me that I’m not the only one embracing its concept.

I’m just curious-in what ways are you becoming a tightwad?  Leave a comment below.


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3 responses to “The end of consumerism? Part I – Living Life Laid Off Produces Tightwads

  1. It would be along the lines of “how to save on ink for dot matrix printers” (can’t stop laughing.) It was months before I finally broke down and bought toner. When I did, I only replaced the black ink, not the color to save money. I had just been writing things out by hand copying them off the screen. There was finally a document I had to print that was multiple pages and I gave in. After all, I couldn’t print it at work.

  2. Leesa M

    Drinking the at-work coffee and parking five blocks away from work where it’s free. These measures save me $30 per week.

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