Keeping living life laid off in the headlines

Even after nearly eight months of living life laid off, I haven’t quite grown numb to the rejection letters or the lack of responses.  When the letters and silence come from employers or positions I think would especially fit me, it stings a little bit more than usual.  But what was really starting to bring me down recently was the feeling that no one, save my inner circle, still cared.

I have a bad habit of thinking that I’m more important than I really am.  I assume that people who know this blog exists but don’t subscribe check it maybe every other month or so, or that those who knew about October 13, 2008, the day that set it all off, know that I still don’t have a job, or that those who I’ve tagged in my notes on Facebook–notes that are copies of or links to posts in this blog–sometimes read them.  But more often than not, someone who I assumed knew otherwise will ask me where I work, what I’m doing these days, or how the job hunt is going.  And when I send mass emails that say something like, “Hey! Check out something new that I wrote,” about 95% of the recipients don’t click the link.  (I can tell when I look at the blog stats.)

So today, in addition to the faithful 5%, my inner circle, Tha Artavist, Javacia, and my other subscribers, I want to publicly thank Louisville Magazine.  Their June 2009 issue highlights three of the more than 36,000 people in Jefferson County, Kentucky who are unemployed.  No, I’m not one them, and that’s just as much a relief to me as it is to all of you who are tired of me.  It has begun to feel quite lonely here in the land of living life laid off.  But there are a lot of us still out there.

Click here to read Louisville Magazine, then click on “Faces of the Unemployed” in the upper left-hand corner.


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2 responses to “Keeping living life laid off in the headlines

  1. Tiffany

    Hey Mariam,

    I ran across your blog by playing around on Twitter and felt compelled to leave a message. I too was laid off, just one day after you, on October 14th. The day I came back to work after being out for my grandmother’s death. I totally feel you about everything you wrote in this article. It has definitely been a trying time, but I am finally trying to come out of my rut and get things together. I just want to say, keep your head up. Things will eventually turn around. (I know you are probably sick of people telling you that, bc I know I am. LOL) Stay positive!!

    • The Pink-Slipped Girl

      Thanks so much for reading, Tiffany! My condolences in the death of your grandmother. Yes, I’m sure things will turn around eventually. It’s been much longer than I thought, but my employment status can change just as quickly as it did in October!

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