I have written the obituary to living life laid off

However, I can’t publish it yet.

I’ve been updating this blog less and less for a few reasons.  1) I’ve been busy with other things, like sending out even more résumés and work samples and returning to theater (you probably caught that from the Twitter feed), 2) I find that the media is repeating things that I said about my own situation months ago, and why repeat it here? 3) I’m getting stumped as to what else I can say here without giving details about my job interviews.  (Even when I think they go well, giving details would be tacky.)

So I haven’t been writing here, but I have doing the ground work for something new.  When that’s ready, I’ll post it here, so look out for it!



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4 responses to “I have written the obituary to living life laid off

  1. Leesa

    I’d hoped this was news about a job, but it sounds as if you have some good stuff in the wings. I can’t wait to see what’s next.
    Love & Blessings

    • Irina

      Maybe going to the job interviews is a waste of time? The US economy was built and grew because of the small businesses. Maybe now, when the US economy is in decline, we should stop serching for jobs with jiant companies (look where they took us), maybe we should start searching for the opportunities for our own businesses? The economy needs to be re-built, so maybe we should return to the path that worked before: small businesses?

      Anyhow, good luck with the search.


      • The Pink-Slipped Girl

        Thanks for the well wishes, Irina. I don’t think the interviews are a waste of time; I’ve looked into business ownership, and I know that it’s far more difficult than it seems. Even for the most qualified people, the start-up costs can be great and the success rate low. I was just talking to a successful small business owner yesterday who knows of several people in her field who have recently abandoned their own small businesses to return to not being their own boss. I’m wondering how our economy would look if everyone bartered instead paying with credit.

  2. Irina

    I agree that starting your own business is very difficult. I am in this process right now. The main thing is to find something that you love and that has a very low start-up cost. I know it is not easy but it is easier than it used to be. For example, if you want to sell something, with the Internet, you don’t have to have a store, sell the product on-line. You can also arrange delivery directly from the manufacturer to the buyer so you don’t have to deal with the inventory. This is just a suggestion. I don’t know what your specialty is.

    If you think that is it easier to work for a boss, why not do both: look for a job and look for a business opportunity? Who knows, maybe you’ll have income from your business before you get a new job? Would it be wonderful?

    All the best wishes,


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