What’s up with lackluster job recruiters?

by Mariam Williams

I know the open job to unemployed ratio is out of control, but do recruiters at career fairs have to look so bored and annoyed with job seekers?

Yes, the unemployment rate in Kentucky is around 11 percent, but I’m thinking, if a job seeker comes to your booth, you could at least pretend like you might want that person to work for your company.  I attended a career fair this week and encountered recruiters who looked like they didn’t want to be there.  They were short with their answers, they looked bored, they wouldn’t elaborate when I asked questions that required more detail, they said they didn’t have any advice for anything beyond what I was already doing, and they said all their information was online anyway.  I expected two recruiters in particular to kick their feet up and begin filing their nails.

Has anyone else had this experience at job fairs? Am I being unfair here? Should beggars not be choosers? Should I just be glad there are still job fairs to go to?


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