One Full Year of Living Life Laid Off

By Mariam Williams

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

one year anniversary

It’s not a happy anniversary, but I’m alive, and there’s still hope.  I’m thankful today for the writing opportunities God has given me in the past year.  I’ve gone from having a grand total of zero bylines to having 18 articles published in various print publications and having a regular column. By the end of the year, my publications list will include at least 25 entries.  I’ve put the name “Research Works” on my writing, editing and market research skills, and I’ve managed to convince a few people to let me put those skills to use and write their organization’s newsletters and press releases, come up with a slogan for their business or edit their regular business correspondence.  (I’m a little bitter that growing that into a viable business has been impossible given unemployment compensation’s requirement that I report any money I earn, even if it’s only a few dollars for a few hours in one week, but I’m trying to prove that honesty will get me somewhere.)

I’m thankful and more hopeful than I have been over the past few days, but I’m also admittedly confused as to why God has made so many opportunities for me in a dying field.  Let’s just be honest: print journalism is on life support.  Obviously, I can transfer my skills to online journalism, but the blogosphere is already heavily saturated, and people with more experience than I have get laid off every day.

It’s that looming uncertainty that makes me wonder if I missed something when I decided earlier this year that I wouldn’t take just any job that came along.  Was I supposed to humble myself, go to a temp agency or the Census Bureau and make less than I did at my last job and less than I do on unemployment?  At the eight-month mark, was I supposed to humble myself a little further and apply for a minimum wage job at the Target that’s now reopened right behind my apartment building?  Or was I right to wait?  A year later, is God saying to me, “Wait just a little bit more”?  Or is it time to do something entirely different from the path that I was on even before I began living life laid off?


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2 responses to “One Full Year of Living Life Laid Off

  1. Dani

    ooooooooh, wow. i have the same feelings all the time – why do i think i’m above working at the movie theater or target, etc…
    then i remember: i HAD those kinds of crappy jobs for years, and you probably had some too. aside from the low pay/long hours/zero or few benefits, the absolute terror of working retail during the holidays is not something i wish on anyone and certainly not you! I think you *are* better than that – you have so many credentials, are so much brighter than the “rest of the herd” and worked hard and probably paid a lot for your education. I don’t blame you for wanting the kind of job that reflects all that. Beside, unemployment has given you the leeway to explore all these other avenues and working long hours at the mall or a restaurant would leave you drained and with zero time for other pursuits.

    (Now, I, on the other hand, need to get myself in gear and go back to school and work a crappy job while doing so…even though i must be crazy to be trying to get into more debt in these uncertain times, and for a degree that probably is becoming more worthless each passing year…)

  2. Dani

    strike the word “probably” in that last sentence.

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