The Pink-Slipped Girl smilingThe Pink Slip Blog is written by Mariam Williams, a writer (of feature stories, columns, blogs, grants, proposals, newsletters, ad copy, creative nonfiction, essays, stage plays, screenplays, and various business proposals and correspondence), editor (of the same, plus academic papers), and researcher (of any information that helps her prove her point) who was laid off on October 13, 2008.  Since the ax came down, she has enjoyed arriving at the point where she accepts that she is a writer and that any profession that doesn’t allow her to do what she loves just won’t do. 

In addition to The Pink Slip Blog, Ms. Williams has been a freelance writer for various publications since 2009.  As of 2010, Research Works, the name she put on her wide range of writing, editing and research talents, is her sole source of income.  She also launched the blog Redbone Afropuff in May 2010.

Prior to termination due to no fault of her own, Ms. Williams was the copywriter and research director at a radio broadcasting company in Louisville, KY.  There, she wrote radio commercials and conducted market research for stations of five unique formats and was actually able to use her bachelors degree in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and her screenwriting certificate from UCLA on a daily basis.  These degrees have also proved useful in her playwriting endeavors.  In 2003, Ms. Williams received second place in the Juneteenth Playwriting Contest at the University of Louisville, and in 2006 and 2009, she was awarded an Artist Enrichment Grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women to pursue her passion for writing.  (Click here to see her LinkedIn profile.)

Mariam sincerely thanks you for stopping by her blog.  If you like what you read, please head over to her other blog or to her business site.


4 responses to “About

  1. Mariam,

    Hi there! Nice blog site. I’m compiling some recession/layoff-related blogs and post it in one of my blog pages for my visitors to read. I hope that you won’t mind me posting your link.

    Best regards,

  2. Pamala Bryant

    Hey! I like what you’re doing. I just finished reading a few of your articles and they were very insightful. I look forward to reading more of what you post.


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